FREE Webinar Tomorrow: My Most Profitable Trading Setup

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    Good Afternoon Traders,

    The next installment in the Free Educational Webinar Series is Tomorrow. Here are the details:

    My Most Profitable Trading Setup

    Presented by Michael Storm,

    In this webinar, Mr Storm will be discussing the following topics:

    • Price action Entry points(Candle Sticks are the only indicators)
    • 15 min candles = high probability setups
    • Identify the trend and enter in the direction of the trend
    • using 20 40 and 200 period SMA to help identify support and resistance as well as identifying the trend.

    For more information regarding this webinar, please contact:
    Jessica Kurjakovic
    001.212.884.8080 001.212.884.8080
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    Mr. Storm from came highly recommended and we appreciate the time he is volunteering for this free webinar.

    Both sides hope to advance traders knowledge and should any attendee like what they hear (or see) they can always follow-up after.
  3. I want to thank Trade The News in joining with us for the webinar and I hope that is was informative and useful to all that attended.

    I am sure that after attending that you realized we are not a bogus site.