Free Webinar Today - See Market Maker Pressures for Every Stock on Your List at Once

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    ”Trade Stocks Faster & Smarter With Level IV™"

    Attend Today's Free Live Training Event to Learn How We Bring Market Data to an Unprecedented Level - Level IV™.

    Wednesday 4:30 PM EDT—1-Hour - Click to Attend: The Level IV™ Montages – See How our All New Pre-Transaction Technology Instantly Indentifies Market Maker Imbalances & Trading Opportunities:

    Our Level IV™ Montages will change the way you visualize the markets.

    It is A True Paradigm Shift in Trading Technology.

    o These are Leading Indicators that Reveal Market Wide Imbalances Before the Trades Take Place.
    o You Would Need to Have 1,000 Level II Windows Open Simultaneously to even begin to do what Level IV™ Does for You in One Window.
    o Track only the information that counts - Dynamically Filter™ out bids and asks too far away from the Inside

    Learn the 6 different ways that our technology monitors every bid and ask in your data stream:
    1) The List™ - See the Combined Market Maker Volume on Every Symbol at Once – Instantly Sort and Spot Bid/Ask Imbalances With Relative Volume
    2) The Book™ - Look Up Any Market Maker and See Their Inside Bids, Asks and Volume on Every Symbol At Once
    3) The Players™ - See All Market Makers at Once and Each of Their Total Bid/Ask Volume on All Symbols Combined
    4) The Stocks™ - For Every Symbol See Each Market Maker with Significant Total Bid/Ask Volume and Instantly Sort by Bid/Ask Imbalances
    5) The Crowd™ - Similar to Like the List™ - But Focused only on the Inside Bids and Asks. Sort by a choice of different Inside Volume Imbalances in Every Symbol at Once
    6) The Stats™ - Pressure™ - Track Collective Changes in Market Maker Bid and Ask Price For Every Symbol at Once, & Pressurized Volume™ - Instantly See How Bid/Ask Volume Magnifies the Pressure
    Click Here to Attend or Sign Up for a Reminder Email With Link

    Questions are Encouraged Via Live Chat

    Also, EliteTrader Members Will Get an Extra Week of Free Trial Real Time Level I, II & Level IV™ Data for Attending Today.