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  1. A short freebie tomorrow if you guys have an interest. My friend, Adrienne ( has asked that I do a presentation to her group(s) tomorrow.

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    Register if you Haven't Already

    Wednesday Free Webinar
    Hosted by

    Adrienne Toghraie, Trader's Coach
    Don Bright Presents

    Reality Based Trading - Past the Fantasy, Past the Dream

    Wednesday, January 5 - 4:30 pm (NY time)
    To Register and for Details: Log in early.

    In this Webinar:

    Don Bright will discuss what his professionals are doing to make money in 2011. Don's traders, with the same capital they might use at a retail brokerage, may use $500k or more of Bright's money to trade with. This opens up a whole world of techniques and strategies that the average retail trader cannot participate in. "What we do is actually easier than trying to make a living trading as a retail customer with all the inherent drawbacks." From opening gaps, through Market on Close imbalance trading, correlated pairs to simple day trading, Don will address.

    Don Bright Bio:

    Market Maker and Floor Broker on the Pacific Stock Exchange from 1979 to 1989, and Trader and Director of Education for Bright Trading (one of the largest professional trading firms). Bright Trading has hundreds of professional traders worldwide.

    Don writes a monthly column in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. Don and his brother Bob Bright bridge the gap between long- time exchange traders and the latest in technology and trading strategies. Don brings reality to trading.

    Trading On Target | 100 Lavewood Lane | Cary | NC | 27518
  2. Just bumping this up - it's happening today after the close. Tune in about 4 or so to be sure you're receiving well.

    When I said "no html" I was referring to my post that pasted from the email invitation, not the presenation itself.

    Hope to see you there... give you an idea of what we're doing in 2011, and what our traders shared with us.

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    Disclaimer: I'm the knothead who pm'd Don to ask about the html. Rather than being in my late 30's, wish I could be in my early 20's and be part of that "computer guru" generation. My 17 year old Son almost knows more about computers than I do...
  4. LOL, no worries - I didn't throw you under the bus...LOL.

    Don :)
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    Your friend is charging $7500 for a private 2 day consultation? Wow. Don, you and I are in the wrong business.
  6. LOL, all I can say is I haven't really checked into her various options - but that I do have solid testimonials from a few traders.... I never "recommend" anyone in this business, but I find some better than others.

    And her traders need someplace to trade, maybe I can help.

    All the best, Mav. - planning on Chicago trip long as my Dr. says ok - shooting for March - we'll get together then.

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    You should run for office Don! Great answer. LOL. We'll discuss your political future in March. :)
  8. Adrienne!!!!
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  10. Sure, I can run against Emanuel I guess, LOL. Although I really don't see the "poliitical" side of my discussons - I do try to be diplomatic, I hate the way both sides rag on each other...IMO a little "civility" goes a long ways (look out above, stones from the P&R thread, incoming, incoming, LOL).

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