Free Trial & On-Demand Training Videos! Discover the POWER of Level IV™ Indicators!

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    ”Trade Faster & Smarter With Level IV™"

    See how we bring Market Data to an Unprecedented Level - Level IV™.

    For the Holiday Season, we’ve provided enhanced recordings of four of our best Training Series Webinars.

    Each recording is from 30 to 60 minutes and offers you in depth tours of the Level IV™ Advantages. All you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash installed.

    Click Here to View our Free On-Demand Training Webinars for the Level IV™ Trading Platform by Advanced Market Systems.

    You can now watch our trainings at any time – Or schedule a free live presentation with me, for you or your organization.

    Course Descriptions:

    1. The Level IV™ Trading Platform: A Quick Introduction to a Breakthrough Trading Platform and Data Stream

    This is a Broad Overview with Special Focus on Our Patented Technologies to Help Multiply Your Trading Opportunities and Speed:
    • 1) Real Market Replay™ - An Interactive Market DVR™ for Every Symbol in Your Data Stream: Record Every trade, bid and ask for up to 1,000 Symbols and Replay It At Any Speed!
      2) The Level IV Montage™ – See the Entire Pre-Transactional Side of the Market. Keep Track of Level II Bid Ask Imbalances on 1,000 symbols at once!
      3) The Count™ & The Rank™ - New Market Wide Indicators to Instantly Recognize Breakouts From Sideways to Trending Trading Days!
      4) Screens™ Virtual Workspace – Speed your work! Organize All Your Charts, Quotes and Windows for on a Virtual Desktop up to 25 times the size of your monitor, them Access Anything with 1 Click of Your Mouse!
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    2. The Level IV™ Montages – See How our All New Pre-Transactional Technology Instantly Indentifies Market Maker Imbalances & Trading Opportunities:
    Our Level IV™ Montages will change the way you visualize the markets. It is A True Paradigm Shift in Trading Technology.
    • o These are Leading Indicators that Reveal Market Wide Imbalances Before the Trades Take Place.
      o You Would Need to Have 1,000 Level II Windows Open Simultaneously to even begin to do what Level IV™ Does for You in One Window.
      o Track only the information that counts - Dynamically Filter™ out bids and asks too far away from the Inside
      o Use Synthesized Indices – Track Summary Inside Bid/Ask Pressure Data for Entire Lists of Symbols at Once!

      Learn the 6 different ways that our technology monitors every bid and ask in your data stream:

      1) The List™ - See the Combined Market Maker Volume on Every Symbol at Once – Instantly Sort and Spot Bid/Ask Imbalances With Relative Volume
      2) The Book™ - Look Up Any Market Maker and See Their Inside Bids, Asks and Volume on Every Symbol At Once
      3) The Players™ - See All Market Makers at Once and Each of Their Total Bid/Ask Volume on All Symbols Combined
      4) The Stocks™ - For Every Symbol See Each Market Maker with Significant Total Bid/Ask Volume and Instantly Sort by Bid/Ask Imbalances
      5) The Crowd™ - Similar to Like the List™ - But Focused only on the Inside Bids and Asks. Sort by a choice of different Inside Volume Imbalances in Every Symbol at Once
      6) The Stats™ - Pressure™ - Track Collective Changes in Market Maker Bid and Ask Price For Every Symbol at Once, & Pressurized Volume™ - Instantly See How Bid/Ask Volume Magnifies the Pressure
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    3. Harness the Power of The DOMinator™: 1-Click Order Placement & 1-Click Chart Trading
    With Special Focus on Three of our Patent Pending Technologies:

    • 1) The DOMinator™ Price Ladder and Trade Plan Tool – Place Smart Entry-Exit Orders Faster Than Ever
      2) Trade Plans with Money Management™ – Auto-Sized Trades and Trade Multiple Accounts With 1-Click
      3) Intelligent Order Allocation™


      4) Enhanced Chart Trading
      5) The Broker Manager – Trade Real Accounts – Interactive Brokers and MB Trading Supported, E-Trade and TD Ameritrade Coming Next
      6) Simulation Account Trading – Both Real Time & with Real Market Replay™
      7) Learn How Alerts Based Trading Can Help You Test, Improve, and Automate Your Trading – Practice with Simulation Accounts, Perfect Your Strategies, Then Trade for Real
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    4. Real Market Recording™ and Real Market Replay™ - Patent Pending - An Unprecedented Training and Practice Tool
    No One Else Has Anything Like It

    With No Pre-Planning and Just One Click of Your Mouse, you Can Actually Record EVERY SINGLE BID, ASK, TRADE and INDICATOR—ON EVERY SYMBOL IN YOUR DATA STREAM AT ONCE—Or You Can Record On Any Schedule You Create. All of your Level I, Level II and Level IV Data are perfectly synchronized.

    Real Market Replay is the perfect tool to use to:

    • • Review and correct your trading mistakes.
      • Find trading opportunities you missed.
      • Practice your trading under real market conditions.

      With Special Focus placed on:
      1) The Powerful Difference Between Real Market Replay™ and other Market Replay tools – This is an Entirely New Paradigm – It’s an Interactive Market DVR™ for Every Symbol in Your Data Stream! It’s like DVR for Entire Markets!
      2) How to initiate Real Market Recording™ with 1-Click or on a Schedule
      3) Creating and Using “Market Freeze Points™” to Bookmark & Return to Moments of Particular Interest
      4) How to Replay Markets with 1 to 4 Clicks
      5) How to Adjust the Speed of Market Replay – From Step Packet (1 data burst at a time), and speeds from 5 times slower to 10 times Faster. Market Time Travel – Leap Forward and Backwards Through Market Time. Freeze the Market at any instant in time and use the full functionality of The Level IV™ Trading Platform to do everything you can do when connected in Real-Time.
      6) Using Simulated Trading and Alerts with Real Market Replay™ to Perfect Your Trading Style
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    In short, Level IV™ is the newest, most intuitive, enhanced and advanced real-time streaming data & trading platform in the industry.

    Yes, that’s a tall claim to make and we know you will have to see it, to believe it.

    That’s why you are invited to Click Here to Watch Now

    We can present a side of the market that has not been presented by anyone before--a collective analysis of ALL Market Maker activity on every symbol at once. To do so, we need to calculate real-time summary information on every Market Maker's every action on every symbol, and then calculate further information off of that.

    The Level IV Montage™ is unprecedented: The POWER of Level IV is to Level II, as Level II was to Level I.

    Unlike like any other trading platform, we are following the *entire* Market Maker stream for every symbol in your list simultaneously. To do this we transmit up to 10 times as much data as any other data provider.

    This is necessary as our Proprietary Indicators require real-time calculation of ALL Market Maker Activity on Every Symbol in your list at the same time.

    You would have to have up to 1,000 Level II windows open at the same time, and be able to make calculations on all of that data in real time, to do the equivalent of what we do.

    Only the Level IV Trading Platform offers these amazing new views on Market Maker Activity.

    Our YouTube Channel is another good place to start learning about the Level IV™ Trading Platform.

    Join Us in our Free Webinar Training Series,

    And Click Here to sign up for our FREE, No Credit Card Necessary, 20-Minute Delayed Data Version of Level IV – Or try 7 days of Real Time Data for Free!

    We hope you Enjoy Our Work!