Free Training Starts in 50 Minutes! Real Market Replay™ Only With Level IV™

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    Hi Everyone,

    A quick reminder that today's Webinar on our Patent-Pending Real Market Replay™ is starting soon.

    Your feedback is valuable and EliteTrader participation will be rewarded.

    We recently switched to the WebEx Platform for our Live Trainings, and as a special thank you to EliteTrader members, we are offering an extra week free free real time subscription to anyone who attends today and offers feedback.

    Friday 12:30 PM EDT – about 40 minutes long - Real Market Recording™ and Real Market Replay™ - Patent Pending - An Unprecedented Training and Practice Tool
    No One Else Has Anything Like It

    With No Pre-Planning and Just One Click of Your Mouse, you Can Actually Record EVERY SINGLE BID, ASK, TRADE and INDICATOR—ON EVERY SYMBOL IN YOUR DATA STREAM AT ONCE—Or You Can Record On Any Schedule You Create. All of your Level I, Level II and Level IV Data are perfectly synchronized.

    Real Market Replay is the perfect tool to use to:
    • Review and correct your trading mistakes.
    • Find trading opportunities you missed.
    • Practice your trading under real market conditions.

    With Special Focus placed on:
    1) The Powerful Difference Between Real Market Replay™ and other Market Replay tools – This is an Entirely New Paradigm – It’s an Interactive Market DVR™ for Every Symbol in Your Data Stream! It’s like DVR for Entire Markets!
    2) How to initiate Real Market Recording™ with 1-Click or on a Schedule
    3) Creating and Using “Market Freeze Points™” to Bookmark & Return to Moments of Particular Interest
    4) How to Replay Markets with 1 to 4 Clicks
    5) How to Adjust the Speed of Market Replay – From Step Packet (1 data burst at a time), and speeds from 5 times slower to 10 times Faster. Market Time Travel – Leap Forward and Backwards Through Market Time. Freeze the Market at any instant in time and use the full functionality of The Level IV™ Trading Platform to do everything you can do when connected in Real-Time.
    6) Using Simulated Trading and Alerts with Real Market Replay™ to Perfect Your Trading Style
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