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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by sirakuz, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. sirakuz


    Hello, im from orlando,fl .
    My dream is become professional day trader.
    I d like to find a company who can help me with training and continue work for this company after trainig program. I read 3 books about trading ,was practice online for a little bit .But i dont have real expirience.
    I wondering where i can find a companys who can help me with free training program? (doesnt matter what city)\
    thanks !
  2. Decoil


    hi which market you are trading in?

    if you just started i suggest you trade some relatively less volatile stocks, to make small price difference (also called scalping), it's the most profitable way for a new trader.

    for example, you can trade a sotck priced at 3.50, put a limited bid at 3.49 and offer at 3.51.

    if you want to ride a day trend as a starter, just be careful.
  3. There is no free lunch. Before taking something you need to give something. Getting something for nothing does not work.

  4. Prop firms use to train their people, but most now become education scams charging many thousands for their so called training. some charge 10-12k, others 5k or so. The least expensive is I know of is WTS, which charges 1.5k if you get accepted.

    There may be some free ones for new graduates with great credentials. If you find a free one, please let me know.
  5. Hippies obviously still believe that there is free stuff and that they should be entitled to it.

  6. sirakuz


    thanks everyone for answers. that was very helpful !