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  1. Access to KenDTU's chat was free last two days. Did anyone attend? If so, what did you think of it, his methodology, trades and such?

    Appreciate all replies as I am trying to find a style that suits me and I may adopt Ken's.

  2. Wasn't anyone there???:(
  3. Grady

    Ken Calhoun is a joke. It was just last year or the year before that Ken Calhoun wrote a threatening letter here at Elite Trader threatening to sue Barron because someone posted some derogatory remarks. Avoid this Grease Ball!!

  4. WOW i must say he was very gracious and very professional in the room. Just want to get some feedback on the techniques he espouses and to see if any experienced traders were there and what they thought of it. Thank for your input, but I take it you were not there?
  5. Rigel


    Free! Free! Free!
    The magic word in advertising.
  6. Did I miss anything?
  7. Ken_DTU


    The cause of the concern a earlier was that some poster here had mis-identified me as a "kent calhoun" from texas, who was a different person. Baron and I have since long made amends, and we continue to have a professional working relationship, as I strive to with everyone in the industry.

    It would be nice to see honest, thoughtful dialogue and ideas that help traders, as most of the posters here have done. Let's avoid namecalling/flames, ok? I have no problem with objective critiques, helpful comments etc.. but to call people names, seems kind of unneccesary in a professional forum.

    and yes, my room's open access for the next two weeks, so everyone in the world can log in and verify how I do for themselves .. want the transcripts from today/yesterday? Just go there and get them anytime, it's open -- and verify how well my alerts did .. .. People can participate and ask questions etc. You're also welcome to stop by and participate, Sterling, so you can see what you're talking about before you flame me. :) lol

    I recognize that I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (sometimes I don't handle criticism or namecalling as well as I should, for someone on a public board.. I've gotta get a thicker skin i guess )... I hope that you'll give me a chance .. and learn a few things, maybe teach me a few things too - I'm always learning myself.


  8. Hi Ken. Am I reading this correctly you are giving open access to room for the NEXT TWO WEEKS?? That is very generous!
  9. Gee, Ken, glad you jumped on that elitetraders url to snag all the sloppy typists. Who's your Daddy? LOLOLOLOL
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    Hey Sterlimg, Thank you for telling the truth about Calhoun. Last year when he pulled that lawyer crap and threatening to sue everyone for defamation of character was when I finally realized what a load of crap this guy is pulling on new traders. I was one of them. I am still waiting for the seminar tapes he promised to the attendees of his seminar last year. He promised them to ALL the people who attended and I have been trying to get mine for a year now., for the first 5 emails I sent him he said he didn"t have time, never enough time , because he was SOOO busy, but he always seemed to have time to golf and go shopping and shoot his Glock, and finally he quit responding to my emails...I just saw on his website that he is SELLING them for $349...there are many more things this ripp off has I am out the money for the seminar and for his classes which I never finished..Thank you, this slime ball ranks way up there... and no, nobody has missed anything by not going to one of his FREE seminars... and NO I don't mean Kent Calhoun, I mean Ken Calhoun
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