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    To receive a free subscription to Trader's Source Magazine, please take two minutes to tell us about yourself (it's only 10 questions), and where to send the magazine. Please enter your email address and mailing address accurately to ensure timely delivery.
    Trader's Source is a free publication. As an alternative to slow international mail, subscribers outside the U.S. and Canada will receive the electronic version (PDF files), providing instant delivery.

    Lastly, make certain the "YES!" box is checked in the first item. When you are finished, click on "Submit Form" at the end. Thanks!
    Linda Raschke
  2. Bsulli


    I only filled out the top part and it accepted it without the questions.

    Personally I won't answer questions 2,4,9 on a non secured web page and secondly it's not info I give out to anyone anyway's in today's ID theft environment.

    Thanks Easy for posting the links!

  3. The form simply gets emailed to so I don't know if they will send you mag without the questions.

  4. Sanjuro



    You are quite paranoid.

    You could lie about questions 2,4,9 and nobody
    would know the difference. It's not like your putting out
    your credit card information.

    Do you get paranoid about the market makers trying to
    hit your stop once you get into a trade? Haahaa, don't answer.

    Good Luck!
  5. Bsulli


    big difference between paranoid and stupid for putting any financial info online.

    So somehow putting false info tied to a (valid physical mailing address) all to ending up in databases that generally gets sold to marketers is paranoid? No it's plain stupid because the address is valid you moron!

    Get a life and thanks for reminding me why I generally refrain from posting any replies on ET other than in the joke thread. Unsubsrcibing from the thread now. Seems posting any personal opinions at ET only gets one self attacked.
  6. never heard of this "magazine".. it it legit??
  7. Ebo


    Wrap fish in it.
  8. that's what i thot.. :p
  9. LouieR


    Perhaps I too am paronoid but I will not include information about my worth or my phone number. I'm tired of being telemarketed to death. I've taken steps to stop that and do not intend to open the door again.
  10. i hope this publication is for real. i signed up awhile ago and have recd nothing. it is also unclear if it is just an email mag or a real mag.


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