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Discussion in 'Trading' started by late apex, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. $25 on 1 Limit order.
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  2. It seems a number of posters in this thread are having some basic reading comprehension problems. Let me see if I can help... you might also want to go back and re-read my original post. The Paul Tudor Jones video "Trader" is NOT for sale at any price, period. I am giving a copy away to everyone who buys The Jack Schwager Trading Course, new from the publisher, at a price that's actually slightly below its WHOLESALE price. That's a fact, and that's even before the free shipping, in itself a $14-$18 value. Am I such a nice, generous, helpful guy? Yeah, that's the ticket... The PTJ video is a gift, a free bonus, something extra, in appreciation of your business. That's not such a difficult, advanced marketing concept to grasp, now, is it?

    Murray t turtle -- personally, my favorite part has always been watching how Paul is dealing with adversity, minute by minute, in the course of one day. Utlimately, he ends the day with a 5%, or $6 Million, loss on his fund, on a long S&P futures position. Apparently, one of his largest % single-day hits. Memorable footage to watch, every time.

    The Schwager Course... I consider it to be one of the better resources out there for current or aspiring systematic traders, by far. Whether you learn better by reading or by viewing / listening, it's all there. If you want to grab it at 63% discount off list price ($799) and 41% discount off the lowest sale price you're going to find anywhere ($499), fine. Smart choice that at least 5 people have already made. Any questions -- PM me or email . If you don't want the Schwager Course, that's fine, too. Once the Schwagers are gone, that's it. Flaming this Classified thread with negative drivel or inane offers for something that's not for sale to begin with... that just makes you look kind of silly. Try to be a little more to the point or at least more creative next time.
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  3. Late Apex,

    I can only assume that you have taken into account marketsurfer's potential legal action against you for unfair trade practices. In your effort to sell the Schwager course, you are, after all, engaging in the dumping of the PTJ tape, which happens to be marketsurfer's flagship product.

    P.S. Am I the only one who has never seen the video?
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  4. Interestingly, 2 more new sets of the Jack Schwager Trading Course, with a bonus Paul Tudor Jones "Trader" DVD, have sold themselves (below wholesale price, as above) in the last week. Both due to this month and a half-old thread. One to a buyer in Sweden, no less, another -- in Chicagoland. Only 3 sets are left as we speak.
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  5. RedDuke


    Hi Rosy,

    Any chance you can make a copy and mail it? I will of course reimburse for tape, shipping cost, which are pretty much peanuts but nevertheless. There is not much I can offer in return, but I’ll be in this business for a long while, so one day I might return the good deed.

    I tried to find it on ebay, but it is not there. if you want to sell a copy, it is fine too, just let me know the tag.

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  6. One Schwager Course with a thank-you bonus sold last night, shipping today. Last 2 sets remain.
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