FREE "Trader" (Paul Tudor Jones) video*

Discussion in 'Trading' started by late apex, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Made you look...

    *FREE "Trader" (PTJ) video, long out of print and practically impossible to find, with purchase of The Jack Schwager Trading Course at $294.49. That's 41% off the publisher's own Sale price of $499.00, as shown at the link. It sells for $799.00 MSRP at Amazon.

    The Course is new, not used. Free standard shipping (all 11 lbs. of it), with tracking, in the US and Canada. First come, first serve... like most things in life. PM for Paypal details.
  2. ===============

    This may help you sell it;
    whats the 2 or more best things you recieved from the [PT]video??

  3. rosy


    i have tudor jones "Trader" video from '87. What's it being sold for these days?
  4. just21


    Do the world a favour and put it up as a torrent file.
  5. Pekelo


    With all due respect: Hasn't trading changed a bit in the last 20 years? The video still can be interesting, but is it still useful?
  6. bsmeter


    I'll give you 20 bucks for it. Take it or leave it.
  7. Perhaps an alternative is to price PTJ's Trader video at $294.49 while JS's course for free. :D
  8. I borrowed the video and watched it. It was entertaining but not even worth me setting up a 2nd VCR to make a copy for myself.
    Why anyone would pay more than $9.99 for it is beyond me.
  9. bsmeter


    $9.99 seems a better buy than my $20.00 offer. The reason why people pay $750 for that silly tape is the same reason they pay $5000.00 for a trading system based on moving averages. LOL.
  10. I'll summarize the video for you right now. Repeat after me, in a Southern drawl---"Losers average losers, Winners average winners". The end.
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