Free trade! Unfettered capitalism!

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  1. Ricter


    Well, unless that means going head to head with superior competition...

    "U.S. Rep Rejects Call to Exclude Dairy from Trade Deal [Trans Pacific Partnership]
    (Radio New Zealand)

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has rejected calls by American lawmakers for dairy to be excluded from a free trade deal that includes New Zealand. The legislators want Mr Kirk to exclude dairy from the eight-country Trans Pacific Partnership.

    The call from the Congressional dairy farmers caucus followed a letter from 30 senators in March opposing dairy's inclusion. It claims increased imports of New Zealand dairy products will depress already-low prices and devastate the U.S. industry.

    But Mr Kirk says it is too early to exclude sectors from a possible deal and improving access to overseas markets as a result of the deal could be a boost for American farmers.

    Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has expressed unease at the inclusion of Canada in the Trans Pacific Partnership. Canada, which has a strong local dairy lobby, is not currently part of the talks but is believed to be pressing to join."
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    This is not news, every country has trade restrictions, the WTO is a huge bureaucracy.

    For some odd reason the US seems to think it owes the world a large trade imbalance.
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    True, but we're the ones telling the rest of the world that free trade and unfettered capitalism are necessarily good.