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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Don Bright, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Just a repeat from the above thread... Happy Holidays to all the Elite Traders.

    OK, it's Holiday & New Year time again...and we can give away the one year subscriptions to TASC once again (Thank You Jayanthi and all the fine people at the Magazine for allowing me to do so).

    I encourage all of you to listen to the radio show by clicking to:

    Today at Noon Pacific Time.
    You can call in with questions, leave your subscription information, or just chat by calling: 888.966.0616 during that hour...OR, you can IM me during that hour (AIM=donbright Yahoo Messenger=donbright).

    Mention that you are an "Elite Trader" and I will send you either a Bright Trading or a Professional Trading Tour T-Shirt (L, XL only). First 100 only!

    (Hype, yes, but Free stuff, so why not? It's Holiday time!)

    Don Bright (not an alias)
  2. hey don how about another end of year dow contest for a free school this year. i would like another shot at it. i came close to winning it last year.
  3. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll take the next 20 radio show call -ins, with good trading questions (they get the magazine), and throw all the names in a hat for a drawing for a school in the Spring. I'll give one away, and a discount to the next two.

    We usually average 10 calls per month, but we may get more. This way, only legitimate callers have a chance to win. If the first person drawn can't make it to school, we'll draw another....

    I'll start today.....pass the word!!

  4. thanks thats a generous deal. great odds.
  5. Wow, we had a good response on Saturday...and for those who missed out...I'll keep this going at least until Year End.

    Send me your, address, phone, email. so I can pass it to TASC.

    If you want in on the free school drawing, please put "TASC and School" in the subject line.


    Happy Holidays!!

    Don (HO HO HO)....(Yes, I know the Santa suit fits...) LOL
  6. How can we from Europe get this magazine free?
  7. I don't think that they'll pay the mailing to Europe...but I can submit your information and try. Send it to me directly at:

  8. Thanks.
  9. thanks for the subscription, don. just recd the first issue today.


    surfer :)