Free TASC again. and Radio Plug

Discussion in 'Events' started by Don Bright, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. The magazine tells me it's time to start getting the 2004 (Free) 1 year subscriptions handed out (Thanks to my good friends at Stocks and Commodities!).

    The radio show is from Noon to 1PM Pacific, and we would like you to call in with questions or comments. If you like you can IM on Aol.... donbright@aol. Those of you not in Las Vegas, can go to my website and click on "listen now".....if you miss it, we try to keep our archives up to date.

    The magazine likes to see justification for sending out so many every year, so we try to encourage your participation on the radio.

    But, if you simply want Email me with your name, address, phone, etc. I will get the information to the Magazine.

    (Monitors: Please keep this up for the weekend, and then you can move it to whatever forum you feel is proper)...thanks!!

  2. what subscription is this? what plug in?
  3. A free 1 year subscription to Stocks and Commodities Magazine... the "plug" was for my radio show. Send and email to me at: with name, address, phone and email (phone is optional), for the subscription.

  4. 1 more day on the top few posts for the thread (then, please move to a more appropriate thread at some point).

    We're getting quite a response from you guys, both via email, PM, and on the radio IM. Heck we even got into Gaming Theory and ESS and some academia on the show (good thing my brother was in Egypt, he tends to upset people when he says "that all sounds great" "but, are you making any money?" Tends to ground people a bit. LOL.....

    Keep those requests coming. (InandLong, I hope this is ok?)