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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ShadowTrader_08, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Next week we're sending out our newsletter for free to anyone who's email is in our database.

    Sign up at our site under the "weekly trading videos" button and you'll get it all next week.

    Some pieces of it are cut out and pasted in our main thread here.
    The full version includes daily trade ideas and real time email alerts and is $20 per month.

    Samples of the full report are on our site.
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    First free issue goes out tonite at around 11:30pm EST. Be signed up on our site to get them all. Free issues will go out every night to all on list until Friday 6/27. Regular price is $20 per month.

    Sign up is at and click on "free weekly trading videos" and just put email address there. No other info is necessary.

    Our main thread is here

    This week's video will be posted there shortly, or just watch it here
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    A big thanks to the entire ET community for participating in last week's promotion. About 500 people took advantage of the offer. We'll do it once again before the end of the year.

    We'll continue to post just the commentary portion of the report for free as much as possible in our main thread here:

    thanks, all
  4. It is useful if it works. 99% don't. You don't bother with a performance section (but "success stories") which usually indicates something that does not work.

    So, $20 monthly for nothing is no a bargain, if true.

    Any comments?
  5. empee


    they do have a performance report, I think they are up 8% from last Q 2007 -> now
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    Yes, we post every trade that goes out via real time email alert in a performance section that is in EVERY report. This is in addition to the 2-4 trading ideas that we give out every day in the report itself.

    Sample issues of the whole thing are available in archives section on site.

  7. i agree. Most Trading Newsletters do offer good information if the price is right. Ive seen some newsletters for insane rates that offer the same info you can find yourself for free.