Free Support Pivot and Resistance formula

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  1. If you want it you can have it. I made an Excel spread sheet that will calculate the S1, S2, Pivot R1, and R2. All you need to enter is the high, low, and close.

    Use your imagination, the formulas can be used off intra data, daily data, monthly ,...etc.

    I still use it, but it yours for the asking. Just PM me with your email address and I'll send you a copy.

    File size is small 99.0 KB (101,376 bytes)

    Happy trading!:)
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    VIX-31.11 +.28

    DEC S&P 500 Futures 19 NOV 2002

    924.00 -second pivot point resistance
    917.50 -previous day's high
    912.00 -first pivot point resistance
    910.50 -last week high
    909.40 -Oct high
    905.50 -pivot point
    900.00 -Mon close
    899.28 -4-day moving average
    899.00 -Mon low
    897.69 -9-day moving average
    895.93 -18-day moving average
    893.50 -first pivot point support
    887.71 -100-day moving average
    887.00 -second pivot point support
    876.00 - 50% fib retrace Oct87-Mar00
    870.50 -last week low
    767.50 -Oct and contract low

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    TickerWatcher where do I download the excel file from?
  5. I was unsure how to put it up there so I'll email it to you if you want.
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    All you have to do is attach the spreadsheet to one of your posts using the attach function, which is located just below the box where you type your posts.
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    This is one.
  8. Here's the file.

    Thanks Baron! I guess I need to be smarter than what I'm working with (my computer)!
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    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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    Tanks a mill and a halk.
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