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  2. Don't enroll! You'll be pestered forever to get a paid subscription. :( :eek:
  3. Hmm.

    ONCE I subscribed after I found an offer that was really cheap, so I didn't care about that money - I think it was like $60 for 18 months or something. I wasn't planning to do the trades, unless they started to work really good or something.

    As I followed it, and the results seemed back and forth - I didn't track the results very carefully obviously. I remember at least one position that was really bad - in the put selling portfolio, it was one of those like $110 stocks and the put sell was like a $100 for $500 - Lehman or something happened and soon the stock was like $60 or something. I remember the update being unceremonious - "Close XYZ put for $4000" or whatever. No discussion of what had gone wrong or anything - I suppose shortly after that the stock bounced back as well!

    I do think there were some decent picks (with 8+ every month, I suppose there would almost have to be), and actually I think Schaeffer's site is OK for searching around and reading his current market view - interesting to me was his Feb 22 posting:

    "Individual Investors Still Not Buying the Rally in U.S. Equities"

    He mentions for example:
    "the very ads in the latest issue of Barron's certainly seem to reflect a general queasiness toward U.S. equities. The advertising space dedicated to mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is heavily skewed toward products that are non-equity related, and even more distinctly non-U.S. equity related. "

    I think his general contrarian views such as above can be useful for judging if people are jumping in feet first or holding back during a rally, etc.

    As far as them bugging you:
    1. Use an email you don't often use.
    2. They don't seem to call much, but be prepared that they might and you might just have to say no and hang up.
    3. Select your investment funds as the smallest possible :)

  4. There are a number of sites/services that I think it would be much better to have their free ‘newsletters’ – especially since I never saw any evidence of their ‘spamming’. The only reason I mention them is to give the novice here the sense of what people might be looking at when they discuss options trading —surely not for any ‘magic trading secretes’:

    1) Weekly (Monday) newsletter with options strategy ideas:

    2) Daily newsletter with option order-flow: :

    3) The Daily Striking Price by Steven Sears at

    4) The S&P Daily Select 10 Options Reports via the which requires the free CBOE membership login.