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    In a nutshell. (Or, modern day terminology = twitter thread)

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    This article is slanted in my mind because I don't consider tax breaks to be free stuff.
    We just get to keep more of the stuff we earned.

    but some of the stats were interesting.

    Feel free to post your own stats.

    The Census Bureau measures the recipients of six programs that are means-tested (based on income and other economic criteria) and designed to go only to low-income people: Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, Supplemental Security Income, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and General Assistance (which are what remain of the old welfare system). Its most recent study found that in 2012, 21 percent of the U.S. population, or 52.2 million people, participated in one or more of those six programs on average each month.

    Black Americans are overrepresented among recipients of those benefits, but they are not the majority of recipients. In any given month during 2012, 42 percent of black Americans received a means-tested benefit, compared with 36 percent of Hispanics, 18 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders and 13 percent of non-Hispanic whites. Currently the U.S. population is 77 percent white (62 percent of them non-Latino white Americans), 13 percent black, 17 percent Latino and 5 percent Asian. (Latinos are an ethnicity and may be of any race.)

    Overall, white Americans still make up the largest number of people on means-tested programs (though they represent less than their share of the population). Among food stamp participants in fiscal year 2013, 40 percent were white, 26 percent black, 10 percent Latino and 2 percent Asian. Among TANF recipients in fiscal year 2010, the overall numbers are 32 percent white, 32 percent black and 30 percent Hispanic.

    The racial breakdown of Medicaid recipients in 2011, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, was 40 percent white, 22 percent black non-Hispanic, 25 percent Hispanic and 3 percent Asian. And enrollees in the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges are 63 percent white, 17 percent black, 11 percent Latino and 8 percent Asian.
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    Democrats are about twice as likely as Republicans to have received food stamps at some point in their lives—a participation gap that echoes the deep partisan divide in the U.S. House of Representatives, which on Thursday produced a farm bill that did not include funding for the food stamp program.

    [​IMG]Overall, a Pew Research Center surveyconducted late last year found that about one-in-five Americans (18%) has participated in the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. About a quarter (26%) lives in a household with a current or former food stamp recipient.

    Of these, about one-in-five (22%) of Democrats say they had received food stamps compared with 10% of Republicans. About 17% of political independents say they have received food stamps.
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    Most of those households belong to uneducated unemployable MAGA morons

    States differ in the amount of federal aid they receive. The top recipient of federal aid in FY 2014 was Mississippi, which relied on federal assistance for 40.9 percent of its revenue. Other states heavily reliant on federal assistance include Louisiana (40.1 percent), Tennessee (39.9 percent), Montana (39.1 percent), and Kentucky (38.5 percent). As we have previously noted, these states, and others that rely heavily on federal assistance, tend to have modest tax collections and a relatively large low-income population.
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    This post anticipated exGoper's garbage and was ready to go.
    States do not vote, the people within them do.

    Gellman - Pardox... learn it.

    Hardly surprising, we see that in a two-party split, 60-80% of welfare recipients are Democrats, while full time Workers are evenly divided between parties.

    You have similar results in this recent NPR-Poll. Among the Long Term Unemployed, 72% of the two-party support goes to Democrats.

    It appears that once more common sense is right and the impression left by the New York Times wrong. Indeed, people who live off the government disproportionally support Democrats.

    Given that Krugman is aware of the Gellman-Paradox, he should have reported the individual level data first instead of wasting everyone’s time with state-level aggregation that we already know is wrong. Instead he acknowledged that state level data is probably wrong (to get cover), then goes ahead and relies on the wrong method anyway, since it produces the results he wants. The false impression that Republicans use more welfare is already spread around the internet by liberals who still trust Krugman.
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    I give you actual numbers, you give me a blog post talking about a small poll by a group no one has heard of.

    Thanks for wasting my time with your fake news, now let's all pretend that the party of uneducated wretches are making millions and even though they are the majority of the inbred hick belt, it's really the Democratic minority that's making these red states look bad.

    That's terrific Trump University kind of logic - the majority of Democrats in blue states have the best economies with the highest GDP but Democrats in red states even being a minority are able to drag down the Jesus states!

    Carry on with your delusions.
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    Your post his off the point of this thread by a mile.
    Your post talks about Federal Aid vs a percent of a states revenue.
    We need to know whether govt freebies are going to democrats or republicans voters.

    Grow up and think before you start your ad hom distraction defense.
    You look like a foreign troll moron going right to the ad homs.
    And by the way... the Berkeley study I gave you illustrated that dems lead republicans by a long shot in the lower than average IQ categories.

    Which every honest person knows anyway.

  9. Plenty of the government freebies are going to the Republican voters as subsidies.
  10. Can you name an example?

    Seeing that most farm aid lands up in the hands of large corporate farms whose offices are located in blue states & cities such as NYC and Chicago. It is very difficult to make the case that most farm aid is going to Republicans.
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