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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hi's that time of year again. Anyone wishing a free one year subscription to TASC - Stocks and Commodities is welcome to one (first 100 anyway, LOL).

    The magazine does not get your email addresses (no spam). Just send your mailing address to me directly at: Put "TASC" in the subject line.



    (I may post this up to a couple of threads, just to make sure everyone gets a might help by bumping this one for a couple of days, thanks).
  2. it's legit.

    don't worry, been getting don's offer for a couple of years with zero spam--snail mail and otherwise. a great deal!!

  3. ethos


    What's the catch? Will it continue automatically after 1 year for a regular subscription fee?
  4. No catch...since I write a monthly column I give away some every year for the last decade or so.

  5. OK, just bumping up, we have about 25 left.

  6. got anymore left ?
  7. gaj


    i can vouch for it, since i got one a couple years ago.

    don's one of the good guys who can trade, speak, help others out AND run a trading business.

    i can't vouch firsthand for his poker skills, but i suspect they're probably pretty good as well...
  8. Thank you very much!!!
  9. Why thank you, much appreciated....and I leave most the poker playing to my brother, LOL.

    We have about 10 left.

  10. et123


    would I get an email to confirm that I got a copy reserved?
    Thanks Don.
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