Free Stock Picks of the Day, Week, Month etc..

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by rws3z, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. rws3z


    Who has websites or is on an email list that they receive free stock plays? Have you backtested them?

    The reason I ask this? Its the same logic behind the infomecials that give sports gambling picks. They give there best pick out for free so that you will pay to get picks that are not as good. So someone who gives out free stock picks is hoping that you eventually sign up for a website, chat room newsletter etc... Or someone who is doing free stock picks for a set amount of time and then switching to paying once he as a following.

    Also I am not talking about retards who say "Buy Google" or who say "I bought CME 3 days ago"

    Currently right now I am monitoring/forward testing two free picks. is the first. The website is extremely busy and I have not been able to find if there is an archive of his free picks. However, I do like that his free picks have exact entry, exit and stop loss points and the metodology behind the play.

    The other is stock pick of the week. Like the previous they give exact entry, exit and stop. They also give something like there last 7 picks.

    Once both these sites have enough backtesting points I will let you know if its worth the eye strain.

    Finally some of the best free picks come from our good friends who write journals here on ET.