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  1. OK, I finally completed my spreadsheet and I took the time to verify the calculations by hand so I know this should be the final version that works very well. If you want to use the file with the original program I used to write it, it’s free at...(you click on Calc after installation)

    And some tips on how to use Microsoft Excel (the spreadsheet in the free Open Office is supposedly a “clone” of Excel)...

    This spreadsheet will calculate the total profits or losses (including commissions as well), your percentage of winning trades (and losers), average profit or loss per trade, average percentage profit on winners (and losers as well), risk/reward ratio, number of winners (and losers) and total profits and total losses. All you have to do is type in your ticker symbols, entry price, exit price, number of shares traded, whether it was a long or short position and the commissions column you don’t need to fill. (You can always click to change the formula and insert the right amount instead of $25. So, tell me if you like it. :)

    column A
    row 1: Equities Paper Trading
    row 2: Ticker symbol

    column B
    row 2: Long or short

    column C
    row 2: Entry price

    column D
    row 2: Exit price

    column E
    row 2: N of shares

    column F
    row 2: Profit or loss

    column G
    row 2: Net P/L
    (this is a $25 round-trip commission, you can double-click to change the amount)

    column H
    row 2: Profit=1

    column I
    row 2: Losses=1

    column J
    row 2: Total cost

    column K
    row 2: % win or loss

    column L (here the title is in column L but the formula is in column M so I’ll just add the title to the column M description)

    column M
    row 2: Total profit or loss

    row 3: Including commissions
    (in reality, the calculations for % of gain on winners etc is all done with the results excluding the cost of commissions)

    row 4: % of winners

    row 5: % of losers

    row 6: Avg P/L per trade

    row 7: Avg % loss on losers

    row 8: Avg % profit on winners

    row 9: Number of winners

    row 10: Number of losers

    row 11: Number of trades

    row 12: Total profits

    row 13: Total losses

    row 14: Total % gains

    row 15: Total % losses

    row 16: Risk/reward ratio
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  5. Cool, someone posted an Excel version on the trade2win software forum.