free speech never meant to imply its okay to bribe judges and politicians

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  1. if i'm on trail for murder - its it okay for me exercise my freedom of speech by giving the judge and all the jurors a million dollars?

    if i'm a company on trail for illegal dumping of toxic waste into a river is it okay for me exercise my freedom of speech by giving the judge and each juror a million dollars.

    no so why the fuck is it okay for corporations to bribe politicates that write our laws and enforce them.

    freedom of speech was meant for law abiding citizens and not for coroporations that want to regulate their competition out of business or want money from the treasury.

    i will never vote in america now - because without public and private citizen financing of elections its all a big fucking joke.

    here is the plan for america: DEBT SLAVERY

    thats right all the taxes we pay by working for the governement the first 4 months of the year isn't even enough to pay the interest on our debt.

    and that debt must be paid either thru taxes or inflation - and the government will inflate away the debt and of course wages will never keep up with inflation so we'll be in a position we everyone on the planet will a DEBT SLAVE.

    democracy is a big fucking joke without public financing of elections thru free air time for long debates on real issures instead of 30 second soundbite competitions between guys that are bought and paid for by the corporate interests. these fuckers have to ask for permission for run for office and have to sell them selves buy dailing for dollars everyday selling themselves like prostitutes.

    there is a quote that says that democracy can only survive until people realize they can write themselves checks directly from the treasury by bribing politicians.

    wake up you fucking losers.
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    you point out one of the great problems and it seems to be getting worse. We have foreign countries financing pacs.

    The blogs and the internet may help us take back control. Look at what just happened on the immigration deal. If the politicians only had to worry about money we would have 40 more million foreigners in our country.

    We should all work towards campaign finance reform and make one of our voting issues.
  3. jem - the blogs and internet is great as it informs a lot of sheeple as to what is really going on.....information you'll never find on cbs/nbc/fox.....but the poltiticians will soon have a 'legislative fix' for that nutrality will be a thing of the past and wait for internet 2.0 to come out - the final nail in the coffin.

    the thing about propaganda vs. truth is that for propaganda to previal it doesn't need to win 100% of the time - so long as 90%+ of what everyone reads and hears is propaganda - that's all thats needed to turn people into sheeple. if 2% of internet content deals with the truth about debt slavery then you can allow it and never worry about the overall system of debt slavery remaining in tact.

    a true brilliant authoritarian will make the people believe that they have all kinds of freedoms (speech, religion, bearing arms, etc.).....meanwhile he will slowly increase taxes on them.......and then when they get sick of direct taxes, he will begin to find ways to indirectly tax them thru inflation.......all the while he owns over 50% of all their income and makes them all slaves to a debt that they will never be able to pay off and even if they die and have children then the children inherit the tax obligations and continue to live as debt slaves.
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    yeah but the people also revolt if you confiscate too much. It is why the founders made sure we have guns.

    it is why the left is so against guns.

    As long as we have anti govt wack jobs with guns we shall be protected from our govt.