Free Speech Gatekeepers: Liberal Jews?

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  1. Hi Guys I have an observation here.

    It's quite clear our media is one of the the most tightly controlled and restricted media in the world. A handful of people/companies dominate the top 10 news outlets.

    Our local newspapers simply re-print their pap with no fact checking required. Overseas reporters are all "embedded", which means print something friendly or you'll end up as a casualty.
    There's no real reporting anymore. Whatever CNN tells us is the gospel truth. We are whipped into a frenzy of bloodlust war on the flimsiest of circumstances.

    And yet dissent and criticism is still somewhat allowed...but to whom? I've noted those who are allowed a media platform, and who receive national attention appear to be only Liberal Jewish people.

    Oh how they capture our attention, make us laugh...but nothing really changes. We are allowed to make fun of the regime...but only to a point. Certain subjects are still taboo and increasingly illegal (such as being critical of Israel). Those freedoms are long gone.

    Anyway, here's a list of the national critics that are afforded national exposure by the regime and media, people who are constantly in the spotlight. All are Liberal Jews:

    Did I miss anyone?

    1. Michael Moore
    2. Drudge Report (Matt Drudge)
    3. Jon Stewart/Daily Show
    4. Naiomi Klein (Author of No Logo, and Shock Capitalism etc)
    5. Bill Maher
    6. Saturday Night Live (Lorne Michaels long-time producer)
    7. Larry King
    8. Noam Chomsky (popular author)
  2. They have Anti-Semites in Canada?

    Wow, learn something new every day.

    Don't forget about Rothchild banking empire. throw in a little George Soros for good measure.

    U obviously don't know how to bash those evil Zion.....I mean Jews:D
  3. Why do you slander me? None of these people are evil, stop putting your distorted thoughts into my words.

    Do I still have the freedom to make observations like this?

    I am not discussing bankers, I suggest you start a new thread for it.

    I've read a lot of Chomsky's books and they are good. I also agree with Naomi. How about you, are you glued to your tv, iphone, facebook and Wi or do you read and THINK and expand your mind?

    The first thing done by any invading army is to take over the media and to kill the professors, priests, and intellecutals.

    But like I said, free speech is allowed in the a point. Only certain people are allowed a national platform.

    I thoght we make endless war in 3rd war countries, killing many, so that I can post? LOL. Fantasty...
  4. Yes, we know, we know.

    They just control the media, and they happen to b Jews, not that their being Jews means anything.

    U just thought u would mention it.

  5. I didn't slander u.

    I did profile u. Sorry about that.

    Our wars are not endless, and we make them for natural resources, that is always the nature of war.

    War is about land, the stuff in it, and the women on it.:)
  6. Add to the list:

    9. Borat (Sasha Cohen)

    In his movie wasn't he even allowed to mock the war, he called it a War OF Terror? Wow! That sort of freedom is affored to only a handful of people. Look at Cindy Sheenan who sacrificed her son for the war machine, the press deamonized her pretty quickly.

    Like I said....only limited dissent is allowed...
  7. Free speech has always had parameters.

    Can't yell Fire, etc.

    These are publicly traded companies, they are in business, they have advertisers, and shareholders,caveat emptor.

    Hey, don't they have state run TV in Canada? How's that workin for ya?
  8. Neither Michael Moore nor Bill Maher are Jewish.

    There is a battle going on between Reform Jews and Orthodox Jews, not just here, but also as to affairs of the State of Israel.

    Orthodox Jews want Orthodox Jewish law ('halakha,' based on strict interpretation of the Torah) to essentially replace secular law in Israel, and they're very condemning of anyone, other Jews included, who doesn't observe all 613 mitzvot, which are their core beliefs, and which Reform Jews think of as radically fundamentalist.

    So, not all Jews are liberal, either socially or economically. Many Jews in the U.S. are liberal, but that's most likely a byproduct of societal factors and not some sort of concerted, 'by design' indoctrination.