Free source to get volume/price of ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by chicagobuy, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Is there any free source where I can chart ES price/volume intraday?

  2. There are free DELAYED sources out there. Not sure about free real-time since that would put the charting co's out of business.
  3. Free ninja-trader demo edition with zen-fire demo feed from either Amp-futures or Mirus futures.
  4. Good point, duh!! Many trading platforms have real-time charts with them - Ninja, Open ECry, etc. That's probably the easiest way to get real-time charting, assuming you plan to trade as well.
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  6. Hi Chicagobuy,

    If you have an account at Interactive Brokers that's entitled for ES data, you could use QuoteTrader's free trading and charting software to display ES price/volume.

    Today's weekly Monday webinar's topic is "Getting Started with QuoteTrader" - if you're available at 1:30 pt / 4:30 et, you can attend by visiting this website at the scheduled time:

    Alternatively, videos demonstrating QuoteTrader's free charting and trading features, setup and registration procedures, etc., are available for viewing at your convenience:
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