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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Scalper007, May 24, 2008.

  1. HI

    Is there any free streaming software out there for daily highs and lows? Not willing to pay trade-ideas $65 a month just for this.....

    Please post link if you know of any.

  2. Liger86


    Can I ask why you need access to such info if you don't intend to trade?

    And if you were gonna trade for real, I beleave if you do your research you'll find broker with vast resources for a very good price.
  3. Thanks but where did i say that i do not intend to trade? I have been trading for the past nine years and i am just looking for a cheaper alternative to trade-ideas...

  4. Are you looking for daily highs/lows after the market closes or are you looking for highs/lows during the middle of market hours?

  5. HSC.1775


    Check out XLQ by Qmatix. Very reasonably priced, with lots of features. Free delayed data for equities. Connects with IB and IQFeed for r/t. I have used it for about four years.
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