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  1. I decided against paying money to one of these online funding company's I'm net negative on these total with Oneup, TST and Earn2trade. The one that I would actually consider doing again is Earn2 trade but with the unknown awarding criteria it just isn't worth paying 350 at this point(i have a earn 2 trade forum that details my pros and cons of it).

    The purpose of this journal is to get better at day trading futures I will log my weekly live + monthly stats. For my simulated combine i will do the same. I will update areas that I am interested in as well.
    Free simulated combine criteria I have a starting balance of $3000 or so my live account is also small the starting balance was $2500.


    Rules: Max daily loss $300 ideally it will be much less
    Profit target: $2500 (which is the earn 2 trade target)
    Margin: Day trading margin of 500 but the max contract size shall be 3(normally my max is 2)
  2. 11/30/18 Pre-Open Analysis

    Market news scheduled:

    Daily chart:

    Prior trading day type:
    V:2,786,555 OI:2,840,486(30,017) R:104 Trend Day

    overnight action so far 11pm(10/29/18)


    Daily chart:
    V:905,327 OI:253,986(4,615) R:411 Trend Day
    overnight action so far 10/29/18 11pm
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  3. 10/31/18
    My problem of not being able to walk away after a string of losses. My prior days I was actually setting up for this big loss where i would get down pretty much at my daily loss make one more trade and that trade would get me out the hole netting me a whooping +100. This happened several days totaling a +350. This got me used to getting out the hole so yesterday when i was down of course im thinking i can get out like i did before and I actually did but my other issue was that I would stop trading when i did get out the hole yesterday i though i would work on that issue and continue trading thinking that I will just stop but of course i didnt. I had a couple opportunity's where i could have cut my loss by 1/3rd i was at -$700 or so at the time but i wanted it all gone so i left the trade open despite my initial target being hit and it being marked as potential resistance(which of course it was netting me +0.25 ticks instead of 6 points). This chronic trading is preventing me from doing well day trading and I've actually blown several combines stupidly doing the same thing going past the daily loss limit. I am past holding on to losers now i need to get past this need to get it back. Im debating whether if I should even continue day trading its not yielding any results. Options have a much better track record for me. Also sim cant simulate this in sim i can easily stop trading once I hit a daily loss limit. So if Im going to continue with day trading futures i will be doing an Earn2Trade or something similar. If i cant pass these without going past the daily limit then I have no business trading a live account. I lost just yesterday almost 3 earn to trade accounts equivalent to about 6 months of trading. So despite me not really thinking the reward is worth it im going to look at this as tution. I have to get past the need to get it back if im going to be successful at day trading.

    yesterdays live results

    i didn't even trade the "SIM combine"
  4. I went with Earn 2 Trade paying the 350 fee for what I'm trying to do is worth it. Im trying to manage my emotions where i feel i had to get it back the combines in the past I've displayed the same have to get it back issue in TST ive blown several combines on the daily loss because i couldnt stop. Gauntlet has the most favorable criteria NO trailing drawdown only requires a 1:1 risk(although your reward wont be very good if you actually do have a 1:1 they suggest a min of 1.5:1 to get a decent award. This will add the pressure of real money in a way. I did a custom the fixed was saying a 250/daily loss limit 100 daily target weekly loss 1250 max loss 2500 i changed the daily loss to 600. Ideally I actually wont go past 250. I cant gaurantee a daily target either. One of my issue is stopping when i get positive yet continuing to trade if I'm down. I want to flip this where i keep going and when i hit the small loss for the day stop. Some how its extremely easy to accumulate a large loss so in theory simply reversing what your doing should yield the opposite results.
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  6. 11/1/18

    Economic Activity
    9:45 Manufacturing PMI
    10 ISM Manufacturing Employment(OCT)
    10 ISM Manufacturing PMI(OCT)
    prior day stats
    V: 2,469,662 OI: 2,777,709(-23,677) R: 55.25 Daytype: Normal Variation
    Overnight: Bullish low(2708 high 2017(consolidate then sell off)
  7. caa..

    That was a great thread...

    How can you trade three contracts and limit your losses to $300.00 and under? That would be hard to do in the ES...

    Anyways...good luck to you.

  8. I normally trade 1-2 contracts. I start with 1 then add typically.
  9. 11/1/18 review
    ES tested overnight low to find buyers then walked its way up until the close. AAPL earnings disappoint
  10. Passing TST Combine is easy if you are profitable.
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