Free Seminar on Entry Techniques with Jam the Trader of Strategic Day Trading

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  1. MultiCharts is committed to helping traders learn and grow by inviting industry experts to present webinars. Different presentations cover trading methods, trading ideas, and our MultiCharts trading software. Everyone from new traders to experts can learn something new, so pick ones that interest you and click Register to reserve a spot!

    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Jim McQuarrie, aka Jam the Trader, from Strategic Day Trading on Tuesday, April 3 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Jim McQuarrie, aka JAM The Trader, is a highly motivated and detail-oriented trader and management professional with 18 years experience in screen-based trading, trading systems, and educational programs designed for self-directed traders around the world. JAM's trading experience includes equities, options, trade and money management, trading system development, mentoring traders, trading psychology, and market analysis. The Strategic Day Trading motto is "no blown out accounts".

    Topic: Entry Techniques That Work

    Description: How many worthless and time wasting webinars have you been to? You desire to learn how to trade, and want material that will teach you how without wasting your time.

    Come to one of JAM's webinars and you will get exactly that, entry techniques that work including:

    • Several entry techniques that work
    • Directional Analysis
    • Navigating Chop
    • Money management plan for each entry
    • Reward to risk assessment for each entry
    • Initial stop placement (and why)
    • Targets for 1 contract trading
    • Targets and trailing stops for multiple contract trading
    • Higher Time Frame Analysis
    • Exercises you can do to learn how to trust your trading plan

    Make no mistake, if you are attending any webinars, this is the one you need to attend! We will teach you several profitable techniques, and show you how to get the best performance results trading them.

    All participants will receive a free week trial in one of our live trading rooms as well as a free consultation with JAM The Trader.