Free Seminar for New traders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Enrico D, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    Just want to tell a few that there will be a Free Voice Seminar with Robin Dayne October 21st.

    enter free channel


    I know trading gets tough and everything will help. Hope somebody enjoys it.
  2. Ebo


    Why do people post this SPAM?
  3. AskSlim


    How is the offer of a free workshop that may benefit traders on this site considered spam?

    SPAM is unsolicited mass emailing. Anyone on this site is here to share information.

    Anyone who goes to this workshop has the choice of participating further in any of their offers, or not.

    I would love to hear from persons that have been to this workshop and can vouch for its merits

  4. Ken_DTU


    It's not appropriate to advertise "free seminars" here.

    Many of us who train traders, myself included, offer free seminars on a regular basis to our opt-in lists. However, if a vendor is not an ET advertiser, posting "free seminar" or whatever types of posts here, is considered message-board spamming, and rightfully so.

    I have offered free seminars to traders featuring everyone from Steve Nison, Alan Farley and others, and just did a tape-reading one for eSignal as well, yet I never post "free seminar" here to promote my site whenever I offer these events to traders worldwide.

    Like most legitimate vendors, I pay for google and overture listings when I want to promote free seminars or special offers. And when I have a decent ad budget, I'll pay here as a regular advertiser as well. (knock on wood!)

    If you pay to advertise here, that's fine to promote, subject to Baron's thoughtful guidelines. Otherwise there would be too much self-promotion. Just a heads-up, on board etiquette.

    Unmoderated places like yahoo boards allow this, ET is a well-moderated message board where self-promotion is frowned upon... which is one reason why so many of us like it here, we don't have to see endless "free offers" from vendors all over the place.

    It took me awhile to learn what's ok and what's not as well.. I suppose it's a learning process.

  5. shneed


    Yeah Slim, don't you know where you are? This is Don Bright's Interactive Broker chat room.

  6. AskSlim


    Your point is very well made. I appreciate when a person can express themselves in the intelligent manner you did here. I learned from your post.

    Thank you,
  7. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    I dint know Don Brite had the Holy Grail Captured.

    I don't think the people who mentioned SPAM actually knows what it means , maybe I can educate you.

    S = STUPID
    A= advertising

    ....The Point is who is advertising here. Simply I was letting new traders know of an on-live voice seminar for free.

    Why are the experienced members even posting a reply, haven't you been through what many new traders are still experiencing?

    Shame on the Guru's and the Old Oak Tree mentality.

    Hey Slim, I knew there was a reason why my quote always was as solid as a rock! Slim, pay no attention to ego-centric dribble that the big-time members have to offer. Their bark is bigger than their trading accounts.