Free Seminar 3/8/06 - Volume Analysis & Trading the E-minis

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    Join the Chief Technical Adviser of UBO Inc. this Wednesday, March 8 at 8:00 PM ET for Part 2 in his special UBO Inc. Online Seminar Series

    Volume Analysis & Trading the E-minis: Volume Analysis Strategies for all Trading Vehicles & Reasons Trading the E-minis Should be Part of Everyone's Portfolio

    To sign up for the seminar, go to . A user id and log in instructions will be forwarded to you shortly after. Please include your first and last name on the form.
  2. who is ubo? and why should we care?
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  4. That link is not working. Also was there a part 1 ???, I think we missed it.
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    Part 1 was RISK MANAGEMENT & EXIT STRATEGIES. It was held in early Feb. You will not be missing anything by joining us for the 1st time tomorrow night. Each seminar is designed to be a self contained educational event.
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    TrendM ;
    Wonder if its different from market profile??:cool:
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    It the Universal Birth Order. They chart the birth of the security or instrument, filter out sunspots, and look for phase shifts to signal entry.
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    Nothing to do with Market Profile - pure KISS old school t/a - the only way to go.
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    Last time I checked web pages don't end with .txt which may explain why the link doesn't work. no that I could attend anyway.

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    The link works. I have over 20 requests from that site already today.
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