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  1. Please tell me which free email providers support both secure login and transmission (for both receiving and sending)? It is okay whether they use web interface, pop3, or imap protocols. I think Hotmail or Yahoo isn't good enough as they only supports SSL during login but not transmission, right?

    I understand email content can never be secured over the internet unless the sender encrypt it. But all I want now is to secure the link between my mail server and my computer.
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  4. Another option is to use a product like

    You can hide and encrypt information in JPEG files. They look like innocent photos but can contain just about anything. You can then transfer them or store them electronically for an added layer of protection.

    This is ideal for storing things like bank account numbers and passwords on your computer without fear of having hackers get hold of them.

    The best thing about this technology is that if a file doesn't look important, it's unlikely to get scruitinised.

    If you combine this with hushmail you will have very high protection.

    Encrypted email may sound very clandestine, but with the amount of identity fraud and cyber crime occuring, it's essential to protect yourself when transfering any information about yourself.