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  1. I am looking for a free screener to give me a list of all the stocks that were gapped up/down in the morning compared to previous day close price.
    Since I am looking for something free I don't mind if its not real time.
    MSN has this filter but its based on todays low with yesterdays close, I want gap based on todays open and yesterdays close.
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    topmo side, stock scans, under tools.
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    looked tonight, aug. 29th, 07,, runaway gap ups, nasdaq, SSTR showed up as an example.
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    another post on>free charts>stock scans>results...Gap Ups=62, Runaway Gap Ups=15, Breakaway Gap Ups=0, Island Tops=0, Gap Downs=0, Breakaway Gap Downs=0, Runaway Gap Downs=20, Island Bottoms=1.

    you can use the screener for gps and it's nice b/c you can filter out by volume, stock exchange, price etc. and even the size of the gap by % or by price.

    the free version is not realtime but you only need to register to get it.
  8. The HingeFire stock screener found at can screen on up/down gaps based on today's open and yesterdays close (in % or dollars). The tool is free and was created by a local investment club in North Carolina.

    - Greg B.

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    checked out hingefire, but it requires microsoft .net to be installed. why / what is that?

  10. Microsoft .NET is a framework that the majority of software programs run on that are compiled in a MS Visual Studio environment. Most computers with MS Vista or XP come with .NET pre-installed.

    If you do not have .Net 2.0 installed, then the HingeFire installer will install it for you. Industry standard InstallShield software is used as the installer for the application.

    - Greg

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