Free screen shot software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NYSEtrader123, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Does anyone now of a decent software package for capturing specific parts of a screen? I am looking for free software.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Click PrintScreen button to capture whole screen
    Click Alt-PrintScreen button to capture the selected window only.

    Open up Paintbrush
    Edit -> Paste

    If you need a specific area,
    Hightlight the area in Paint.
    Edit -> Cut
    File -> New
    Edit -> Paste

    You can use File -> Save As to save your picture in PNG or JPG.
  4. ScrinPrint32... includes "user defined area" of capture... works with multi-monitor, too
  5. Thanks, I'll give it try.
  6. Like Jsmith said, windows does it already. "Print Screen will capture all your desktop even multi monitor. "ALT + Prin Screen" will only capture the highlighted window. And then in "Paint" you can crop out anything you don't want to see. It is that easy, you don't need to download some new software for this.
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