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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by paulus, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. paulus



    Since I've recently started trading with the tape/S&P futures
    I work with the realtime streaming quotes for the S&P, ES2Z.
    found at
    Until friday they were realtime and free; today I found out
    there was a 10min delay; can anyone tell me where to find
    free realtime S&P futures charts ? Thnx.
  2. sabena


    Normally from the moment the exchange started to charge
    a fee, changed it to delayed status however
    due to a software glitch a few months it stayed real-time.
    It is since friday finished with real-time.....

    Any other options for Paulus to follow free E-quotes and
  3. sabena


    Paulus seems to use IB.

    Which free software package can use IB quotes to create
    charts ?
  4. Quotetracker
  5. sabena



    also for futures symbols ?
  6. KB96


    Quotetracker doesn't support futures yet with IB, they told me they are working on it. I use sierracharts, its only $40 for 6 months and works well.
  7. Aaron


    The indices are still free and realtime at $indu, $spx $ndx, $compx. So if you are just watching the charts to see what the market is doing, they are still sufficient. By arbitrage the futures will track the indices pretty closely.
  8. the beta quotetracker seems to work with hong kong futures just fine.. probly will work with IBs s&p too..

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  10. Sharp


    QuoteTracker work with futures now. If you have IB as your data feed you can get futures charts with QuoteTracker. Go to the help menu and click on the help with interactive brokers link to find out how to get the futures charts.
    #10     Oct 3, 2002