Free Ride for Prominent Traders?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Arthur Deco, May 3, 2010.

  1. Let us suppose that I decided to write books and maintain a blog and charge for an educational website and give paid semenars (misspelling intentional). If I achieved all that, why would you let me post under my true name threads that are thinly disguised invitations to my sites, even if they aren't mentioned in my threads? I mean, if I am the great Art Deco, prominent trader and dis-educator, I am easy to find on the web. If you are giving free rides, I might just hop on. Not naming names, but you know who I mean.
  2. I for example know who you mean

    but you are mistaken if you think that MOD on this site or owner himself is smart enough to know who you mean

    heck Baron doesn't even read ET
  3. Thanks. I am less annoyed by the fact that he is allowed to stealth advertise than that he posts pontifically with meaningless non-specific drivel.
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    Joe's books are outdated. Yes, Elvis is still alive.

    Ross is no Elvis. Any tidbits found in Ross stuff is free elsewhere on the internet.

    Elvis was spotted driving North on I-75 in 1972 bigass Caddy convertible gunboat with a blowup look alike of Ann Margaret in passenger seat.

    Joe Ross is no Elvis. :)

    PS: Actually, anyone selling anything related to traded is FREE on the internet these days. Trading is still about price up or mystery in that. Trading is about the person........NOT the market itself. :cool:
  5. I suppose that being reduced to trawling on ET is punishment enough.
  6. hughb


    Non-specific drivel is underrated.

    On the eighth piece of candy in my half price Whitman's sampler, I got the chocolate covered cherry. My evening has been made.
  7. Go for it Arfur. It seems to be the respectibal thing to do, traveiling the world achievin fame and stripping others of their fortunes. Bit of TA rock n' roll.

    If I owned ET, I'd throw the welcome mat at yer feet because lots of others would want to sit bowed before you on my website. So you get a spin off - so what - we both get what we want.

    You have the software keys to stcpvtrb2b thingy and who wouldn't want that? You'll hav the lot: girlies and hangers-on etc. Make it intellectual so the better paid are attracted and you can work em over real good.

    There are lots of trading terms on ET that will make em salivate wanting to learn the higher secrets.

    Several Rules...
    1. Don't ever make calls
    2. Claim to always make perfect calls available only to your top insanities, sorry I mean initiates
    3.Don't ever post a current chart
    4. Use terms no one else in TA history uses to distinguish yourself from the real traders
    5. Call the real traders idiots trading at a lower level
    6. Berate those who ask sensible questions by telling them they are thinking like those on the lower levels.
    7.Always answer a question by redirecting them to address their weaknesses.
    8. Boast frequently of how your top insanaties are funding the Fed Reserve with their petty cash.
    9. Claim trading is so easy you can make a zillion posts while trading at a micro second level.
    10. Of course, you have never experienced a lozz in many years.
    11. Consider a partnership with that Indian who has not slept or taken any food or drink in 72 yrs. Claim he gave you the secret of the market.
    12. Trawl ET for victims.

    The more confusin you make it and the more unreal the claimz the more levelz you can zell. Remember that.
  8. How did you get a copy of my business plan?
  9. Was that your handbag?