FREE Realtime S&P Futures Quotes???

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  1. Are there any websites that provide free realtime S&P futures data??

    I don't need charts, just the quote.

  2. it says delayed at least 10 minutes.:(
  3. You used to be able to get free real time quotes from Scottrade. Does anyone know if that still works? You had to sign up for a username and password but you didn't have to have an actual account. They don't have futures but you can get SPY or QQQQ quotes or maybe the S&P actual index:

    You can download and run Medved Quotetracker for free and and connect to Scottrade to make real time charts.

  4. thanks very much, but I am looking for specifically the futures realtime data, for example the esz8 contract
  5. I'm pretty sure you're not going to get realtime futures data for free. Before you spend any money for data, you might want to question is it really necessary? Say if you wanted to test a trading method, couldn't you test it just as well with delayed data?

  6. my problem is, my method is using futures levels, but I only have cash index data, which is always a little different
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    Hey Speed,

    Any luck finding a good S&P futures data source?

    I have been looking as well -- but have found only 10 minute delayed sources.

    There are various good sources for S&P cash (google finance, etc.) -- and you can "offset" the prices for the most part. (Sometimes the cash and futures will differ -- particularly at the open). Please let me know.

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    At IB you don't have to pay the exchange fees if you do $30 in commissions a month.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually do have live quotes from IB -- but wanted to "hook" into a website to grab numbers in an automated fashion... But maybe I hook into my Trader Workstation at IB...???
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