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    If everything is true (still didn't try) seems that they offer free realtime data, unfortunately they are still available for only few platforms but they say they are planning to expand

    let's check it out.

    I'll be very glad to say goodbye to esignal :) and all the other :)

    good trading

  2. Trying Right Edge but... doesn't seems any interesting for the moment?

    Anyone tryied openticK?

    good trading

  3. It works great with SmartQuant also!
  4. Lorenzo


  5. Anyone alredy tryed it?
    just curios about the quality of the service

    good trading

  6. I tried them via little code snippets and, unfortunately, cannot say many good things about it. (Except for it's free)

    Data quality was horrible (at least when I tried, they promised to fix it), also they claim they have data 10-15 yrs back but I could not get ANY quotes data before 2003 or 2002.

    The free offering should better considered as a fee holiday.

    After all, I decided not to put any development efforts into it, because I felt that when the service would become usable one day, they would also be charging fees - those in line with other data providers.
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    Anyone serious about trading would never rely on free data. You get what you pay for. No exceptions.
  8. Women give out free data every day (blah...blah, blah, blah....blah, blah.....) and what is it worth? :eek:

    :D :D :D
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