FREE real-time streaming Dow Jones news feed

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  1. Esignal offers these premium news services at sky high pricing -

    Use Quant Station and register for a FREE account, you will have access to real-time streaming news from Dow Jones

    News packages available:
    - Dow Jones Forex Report
    - Dow Jones Oil & Gas report
    - Dow Jones Commodities Service ($150 at esignal)

    Software description -

    Direct download link -


  2. Don't pay the sky high price to Esignal just to get the same information

    eSignal News Services: Descriptions

    Dow Jones Commodities Basic** $ 68 / mo.
    Dow Jones Commodities Service** $ 146 / mo. <= It is FREE on Quant Station
    Dow Jones Commodities AgriWire** $ 94 / mo.
    Dow Jones Commodities MetalsWire** $ 94 / mo.
    Dow Jones Commodities miniFin** $ 15 / mo.
    Hightower (Futures News) $ 20 / mo.
  3. Other than the fact that you're spamming this forum, contrary to the rules, I would make one suggestion. Work on your English. Your website is one of the most poorly written web sites that promote a "professional" product that I have seen. Grammar and spelling are atrocious. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?
  4. is this similar to the DJ feed scottrade gives people?
  5. Nope, Scottrade DJ feed only covers the basic market information. Please find more information the different between DJ news packages here

    Yeap, my English is bad. Thank for your comment. We are working on improving our website and the help document.

    There are always newbies and people that are interested in learning how to trade the markets with news. We give them the real-time news for free without any contract or liability. If you find this kind of news is not suitable for you, please ignore it. I believe other companies should offer "elite" traders in this forum similar free stuffs to grow and to expand the community.