Free Real-Time FX Quote by CME (Flash Based)

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  1. <iframe src="" width=750 height=600 >
  2. pretty cute ....

    do you need permission from CME to post this here
    they should hire you to program for them

  3. Seth,

    Nah, this is not my work. I just know how to manipulate their free service component and wanted to share with you guys. If there's any claim from CME, this thread should be deleted.

  4. Several advantage of this type of webapplication.

    1. Free, no subscription needed.
    2. No instalation required, you can refer the quote from any PC.
    3. Cash/Spot Price calculated on the futures value here is usually precise, useful to watch the both cash and futures value in a single page. No FXShop price manipulation would be involved.
    4. Direct quote from the exchange, so you can double check the quote from the other quote vendor or execution platform. When there's something wrong, it is quite helpful to make a deduction which layer is dead; internet connection, vendor, or CME.

    Actually, I just have encountered RefcoPro CME connection is dead. Watching this webapplicaion, I knew CME itself working fine.
  5. Hayek


    Pretty good, but where do you find it? Is there an open link in so called "E-Equivalents" webpages?
  6. Hayek


    Well, at the bottom of CME home page, search "Real-time Quotes".
  7. Nice....
  8. Would be handy on a cell phone.
  9. What does 'Forward Points' mean?

    edit: the blue square is the spot price and above the forward price?
  10. Premium-Interest Rate

    Futures value - Spot Value
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