Free Real-Time FX Feed for a year!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Chart Lion, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Cool summer offer for Updata TraderPro RT. If you're not into FX there are more incentives. This is by far the best charting package in the market IMO:

    Chart Lion
  2. Why would anyone pay for an FX datafeed??

    There are so many with free charting as well :)
  3. Not sure why my previous post was deleted??

    I was saying a lot of stuff is free but how much is actually good? Yahoo finance and google finance offer free data and charts for stocks but from a chartist perspective, and for someone who uses intraday real-time data I certainly wouldnt go to them for they just dont have that data.

    I like to have the flexibility, ability and confidence when switching between timeframes and looking at my 1 minute, 5 minute, 1 hour...Point and Figure charts and candlesticks.

    Remember those "free" ones from brokers are also paid in one way or the other...and I have never come across a decent hybrid of a technical analysis/broker platform...not yet anyway. TA

    I'd posted a link showing Jeremy du Plessis, who is an expert at P & F charting, looking at the FX market with this real time data. Not sure if that was the cause of removal for my last post???

    Anyway this is a link showing him use the software in a webinar on FXStreet (not spam so please dont delete it):

    Chart Lion
  4. Loads of it