Free real phone numbers. No strings

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  1. Great way to try VOIP. All you need is an email address and you can get a free number that anyone can call you.

    I dont know of anyone else giving out free phone numbers.
  2. MRWSM


    That's cool, have you tried it? How is the quality? I'll give it a try after hours.
  3. Works great for me....Got an Iowa area code #. (You can not choose the area code for the free numbers)

    The voice mail is sent right to my E-mail box where I can listen to it.

    I can see thousands of foreigners now getting American numbers for free.

    I believe you can get more than one number if you want.

    It's free :D
  4. Bsulli


    They are owned by

    Located in Iowa.

    They don't have their security certificate setup correctly and it was only registered on 2/27/06, not that is such a big deal.

    fwiw file.