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  1. QuoteTrader's final 1.0 release is December, with enhanced support for eSignal data, program trading, plus integration to FXCM and MB Trading.

    Release 2.0 will introduce FREE real-time charting using your broker's data.
    Planned for early 2007!

    New Features requested and delivered in this release (download now):

    1. P&L Meter (view!) - Instant, precise and innovative visual tool for profit-taking and hedging.

    2. Auto-mapping symbology with many Interactive Brokers' assets.

    3. eSignal Clients: Get the newest trading plugins!
    Trade from within eSignal using the newest trading plugins!
    Register and install QuoteTrader to access the growing list of brokers:
    TD AMERITRADE, Interactive Brokers, optionsXpress, Lind-Waldock,
    CyberTrader, GAIN Capital/, and scores of futures brokers via patsystems.

    4. Free Online Resources - better integration!
    Tighter integration with, the RagingBull online community, and educational resource BullsEye.
    Enjoy free and instant access to quotes, charts, news, market updates and commentary for stocks, futures, options and forex.

    Download now, or contact us for more information or the schedule of the next live demonstration!

  2. We'll be hosting an online QuoteTrader demonstration ("webinar") this Thursday, December 14, at 9am pacific, 12pm eastern.

    The purpose of the webinar will be to demonstrate how to quickly get started using QuoteTrader, its new features, brokers, as well as functionality coming soon!

    If you're new to QuoteTrader, or haven't seen the software recently, you'll want to attend.
    To attend, email for access information.


    QuoteTrader Product Management
  3. I need to get my eyes checked. Thot it said QuoteTracker. :-/
  4. me too.
  5. I am wondering about the dom type front end. Will it integrate with other brokers or just E signal?
  6. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Wow. This will work w/Oanda?

  7. Hi Bearbelly,
    QuoteTrader currently integrates with ~10 brokers, Trading Service Providers, eSignal data, and has two simulated feeds for papertrading.
    We'll spend some time on these areas, as well as overall functionality, during the webinar on 12/14 at 9am pacific, 12pm eastern, if your available to attend, send an email to - if you're not available, let me know if you'd like a demo.


  8. Are you saying this is working now? I thot I read that IB wont be ready until 2007
  9. Hi Bearbelly,
    The integration between QuoteTrader and IB is ready now :)
  10. Hi Harold,

    QuoteTrader is integrated with Oanda too :)
    (both FxGame & FxTrade)
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