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  1. any firms that offer free trading platforms regardless of trading volume/ PnL?
  2. I'm looking for a firm that will waive the sterling fee for doing volume. 20c/1000 shares and split. Remote. Can some one pm me and let me know what kind of volume will I hav e to do and what kind of split can I expect. Thanks.
  3. CY group offers free remote trading, and free platform fee!

    For new guys the structure is like this:

    65 cents per 100 shares, 98 payout ratio, $60 for your data to Nasdaq and NYSE, 100k of Buying power, free remote trading, free platform/desk fee, and 5k to open up the account with a $200 fee when you close out the account!
  4. I love how some of you pretend to be traders and are worried about a 200/month fee for a platform. If you're worried about 200 a month you're probly not gonna make any money as a trader.
  5. Well for new guy's that don't know anything, some of these deals are good!

    Once you are good, then sure, 200 a month is nothing!

    But why pay 200 fee for a crappy platform when you can just get Trade station for 100 a month! The best platform out there! :)
  6. just because you trade doesnt mean you dont care about a few hundred bucks. I would like to minimise my cost as much as possible.
  7. Call Don Bright

    He'll have some great insight
  8. bigpapi


    Some of us like to keep our money in OUR pockets
  9. It's ok, that mate is new, that is still trying to figure out how should he set up his screens. new guys often get to bulshhit