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  1. Ameritrade, Feb 19
    Ameritrade has a free Palm Tungsten E when you sign up for a AmeriTrade account ($5000 minimum).
  2. I was thinking of opening an account with 5k, get the palm and then close the account. Would that work?
  3. I don't think they will sent it to you immidiatly may be after
    15 days of sending funds and confirming funds, then again
    15days more to send back money to the bank you send
    money from and thats upon making several request for
    withdrawal and having talk of shame with them.

    Ameritrade monitor everything like transfering money from
    you account to another brokerage house, and they will
    contact you with an email, the reason for you unsatisfaction
    with them
  4. I opened my account to try your service....but mainly to get the free premium that you advertised. Thank you for the free premium and I tried your service. I decided that the free premium was what I wanted to keep, but I must cancel my service, now that I am qualified to keep the free gift, according to your terms.

    If I must have a reason why I am quitting, then I can come up with something that satisfies your need. Please notify me of your next offer,

    Thank you.

    Michael B.

    P.S. If the well-meaning sales rep tries to put shame on you....I believe that would be serious, as the purpose of the promotion would be better served by saying this:

    Thank you sir for trying us, and if we can be of any further service in the future we are just a phone call away.....We would love to have you back.

    You would be surprised in time your impression of this company was planted with just this little seed....and never say may well be back......sometimes decisions in life are connected....

  5. Hello Everyone:
    Greetings from wet and soggy California. by the way, I was just kidding earlier. I would never strike anyone with a golf club. I prefer to use a tennis racquet or a fireplace tool. Best Regards, Steve46
  6. wild man running around in tennis shorts attacking innocent by-standers with a log poker yelling some gibberish about......damn opportunists wanting a free ride.....


    Police found him in an alley with a bottle of ripple (surrounded with broken palm pilots).....when asked why he did it, he replied....I lost my golf club.

    Well...this reporter is happy to announce this crazed fireplace implement yielding criminal is behind bars where he belongs. Ladies and gentleman you are free to come out at night and use your palm pilots in freedom again....thanks to our wonderful police force.

    Bill Gates commented (which he does not do often) it is good to see our communities at work keeping these bandits off the streets...

    more to come....

    Michael B.

  7. well, when we all thought we were safe the return of the "fireplace implement beater" became reality yesterday in the streets of california....

    one citizen interviewed.....we need protection....rumors are the madman flew off the handle again....yelling something about that he got ripped off by Ameritrade.....he was yelling obscenities that I cannot repeat.....

    When the police discovered the house he broke into.....they found him in the closet.....delirious and babbling I didn't keep my account open for 6 mo's.....

    Well.....Bill Gates was unavailable for comment....but his spokesman said ......this is a sad, sad event...we as a corporation will pledge computer support to help those in need. This Ameritrade fiasco is bigger than us and we can only do our part. But I do have good news....I lowered my auto insurance rates by switching to Geico.....

    Michael B.

    sidenote from this reporter...

    Steve46 we all wish you the best and a good road to recovery...hang in there buddy

  8. I will be fine as long as they let me have a golf club in my cell ( so I can practice my swing).

    P.S. By the way, has anyone noticed the thread about "Swiss Banks? I posted some info, thinking that would be it. Then I checked back, and found that there are multiple pages from all kinds of folks on this subject. I couldnt stop laughing. After all, we know that many of the posters do not actually trade, and a great majority do not even make a profit. Yet there seems to be a great interest in the mechanics of obtaining a secret numbered swiss bank account. Perhaps they are printing their own currency? Well thats all for now, where did I put that nine iron?
  9. Exactly, and again as what "Marc to Market" said, they don't make this kind of offers unconditionaly.
    I am wondering why despite merging with Datek, long ago still they have not shown any sign of improvement in direct access trading and still promising "5 second excution" what they used
    to offer when i opened my first trading account with them 2 years
  10. Today at the Men's California Prison for the mentally insane, were reports of a takeover.....

    oh forget it.....i'm tired

    this was too funny.....

    Michael B.

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