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  2. Their rules have been disclosed for a long time already wharf.

    This is very funny indeed, in this industry it seems that there is a constant fashion of treating everyone else of false guru selling hypes : The "original" accused the other of hype and this latter does the same (see link below). if you have read elder's book, there is exactly same kind of accusation of elder against the others so that one can wonder where hypes over hypes etc. will stop wharf !

    As for the original turtle I suspect other intentions. In the introduction he says they are many vendors etc. and then he says that a friend of him has intention of creating a site (it seems he will become associate) so is his friend also a hype's vendor then huh ?

    Hype from Trading Gurus
    Why does TurtleTrader take the time to address examples of hype from gurus? We have found over the years that most people instantly see the hype and avoid it. But we have also seen some very well intentioned people, both novice and experienced traders waste time and money. None of the people or firms on this page have any association with this web site and or TurtleTrader.

    You will run out of money before a guru runs out of indicators...

    Neal T. Weintraub

    We receive numerous emails from people sorting through the hype. Questions? Feel free to contact us:

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    One of the above individuals actually declared trend following to be dead while at the same time selling an assortment of items at prices ranging from $69 to $2500. The hype never ends.

  3. Did the "original" copy the "false" turtle argument :D

    On the "false" turtle you have this phrase:

    "One of the above individuals actually declared trend following to be dead while at the same time selling an assortment of items at prices ranging from $69 to $2500. The hype never ends."

    On the new turtle site you have:

    "This individual a former turtle sells for prices ranging from 29.95 to 2500$"

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    It may very well be the case that the turtle system had been fully disclosed previously - so what ?

    the point is: heres a link which provides the whole thing in coherent pdf format - go and do with it whatever you like.

    While covert advertising is a problem on every message board - in this case the information provided certainly outweights any such concern - thus Harrys response remains a mystery to me... probably have missed his point ?

    thx chs252
  5. So what nothing, I'm talking about another subject: pretending that one has good intention by detracting others.

    They lose nothing to tell this system: it is impracticable for the majority of loser traders because the first reason of lost is not sufficient capitalisation. Turtle system is very simple, not to say simplist, so it has to be compensated with large capital and big drawdrowns, so big that turtles funds have to close with recent years market volatility.

    If you look at their system they admit to use Donchian system entry that's why they try to minimise the importance of the entry to pretend to have invented a great system. In fact they above all profit from the long bullish trend. The proof their fund have been washed out as I said.

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    I read it to the end and they say the traders following the system didn't make money. The whole turtle story was a joke
  7. Lack of Capital = Lack of Divesification!!!

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    These are probably the newer rules, just off the top of my head:

    1. Use profit targets rather than a 10 day low stop.
    2. Enter on a breakout of X, rather than 20 or 55 days.
    3. Control fear and greed with Prozac.
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    any idea how to define those profit targets ?