Free or useful cheap tools for IB

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  1. Hi. :)
    Apart from IB official list, does anyone know where has plenty of resouces or tools for IB?

    What tools do you use in IB? And why?
  2. why do you need a free tool?
  3. If it is good, why not use "free"? :)

    Another reason is I am not in a hurry to get any particular type of tools. There are many new things I have to learn right out. I would like to keep my costs low when I'm learning.

    If I need an expensive but worth-the-price tool, I may be willing to invest the moeny in it, but not now.
  4. As mentioned before Quotetracker is free charting. Buttontrader and Zeroline Trader and Bracket Trader all supply free simulators for IB which are pretty good. Theres another thread running here about a free autmated trading platform for IB. Elite Trader will supply you with free calls on trades. What more could you want?
  5. Thanks a lot.

    Maybe some free/cheap tools which can try out small when trading in new markets?!

    Ar! How about systems or scanners which can monitor many markets at the same time, alert me or send out the order if the system/scanner spot trading opportunities defined by me?

    By the way, you may list any useful financial or market-related tools. They don't need to be specifically for IB (although it is against the topic of the thread :p).
  6. JMO... but, generally FREE learning isn't the best education.

    Would you try to become a lawyer on free education and tools? How about a surgeon? It's funny how many people treat trading as a part time hobby and then wonder why it's so difficult to succeed.

    If you not interested in spending money "NOW" you are entering the wrong arena... again JMHO.

    My advice and I stress the "MY"! Go find a veteran trader and beg them to take you on as a student (for a fee) or give your money to a proven professional to trade.

    Trading with free tools is the equivalent to playing against Tiger Woods in a match play in your first golf game with clubs you bought at a garage sale and golf balls that were sitting on the bottom of a pond for 7 years.

    This is a very serious business.
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  8. Yes, you are right.

    That's why I ask for either free or cheap helpful tools and software, as stated in the title. It seems you have missed that word. :)

    But I don't think we should go to the extreme and only use expensive tools. Price is not always in proportion to quality. Some expensive tools are bogus (they charge high prices not for quality, but for rip-offs :mad: ).

    After all, I am willing to pay for it if it is good enough to justify the cost and its competitors. I will consider free tools too since they are somewhat of good quality.

    "Beg a veteran trader to take me as a student..."
    No need. Trading is a lonely business. Books are probably the best teachers we can turn to - teachers which charge much lower tuition fees. Sure they can't teach you everything and give you "real instant" keys to success. But every journey has to start somewhere. Books are good places to start the journey.

    By the way, can you manage to find a veteran trader to teach you one on one?
  9. Try Ed Seykota, market wizards 1,
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