Free options book by Charles Cottle

Discussion in 'Options' started by dis, Feb 23, 2003.

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    still have the free copy of could woulda shoulda

    amazing book , beyond my understanding of options
    but I love the trader stories in it
    he is one cool dude

  3. that's a funny site ! thanks. cottle is the patron saint of options PLUS a super great guy. i HIGHLY recommend his book, regardless of how you get your hands on it.


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    Wow, thats great. Thank you!
  6. I wandered over the Haas Business School library at Berkeley the other day and noticed that they do have a copy of Options Perception and Deception in their shelves. Unfortunately, the book was checked out until May.
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    Have you ever been to Cody's ?If I remember the name correctly, that bookstore rocks!

  8. thanks dis, appreciate it.
  9. Anyone know anything about this site?

    Much of a muchness like the rest?
  10. There doesn't seem to be any connection between that site and the Cottle book?
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