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Discussion in 'Options' started by pitufo, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. pitufo


    I use to get all my equity charts for free...

    does anyone know where I can get free charts of options showing intraday moves? or possible futures...

  2. pitufo



    That helped
  3. birdman


    Help me get it right -

    I go to -
    I entered my stock symbol in the entry field at top of page -
    Which takes me to an overview of the stock -
    I then click "Options" but all I'm getting is an options chain and not an options chart?

    Where am I missing it?

  4. ============

    1.2]wallstreet city used too;
    no longer.

    2.]Interaxtive Brokers and[2.2]OptionsXpress have both free charts [for customers];
    and options data tend s to contain much more errors.

    2.22] May want to use 2 sources & focus on a few, so you can discern the right.:cool:
  5. last i looked, had options charts
  6. timbo


    Option's charts and OMG go together.