Free Online Presentation - Number Two.

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  1. This coming Thursday, right after the close, if you guys are interested. Send me a PM or email to (webinar in subject line).

    Bright Trading will present an online webinar this Thursday, September 15th at 4:05PM Eastern, right after the market close. Don Bright will begin the session with an overview of the Firm, current qualifications, and follow up answers from July's webinar. You will receive a follow up email with login instructions.

    Rob Friesen, President of Bright's PairCo unit will present: Challenges with Highly Correlated Markets and what Short-Term Traders Need to Consider. Top "stuff" from "the Pairs expert."

    Cash Coyne, Bright Remote(s) Manager will present:
    Trader's Checklists. Checklists are a key component of any trading plan. While the trading plan is essential, a trading plan without checklists is likely to be executed inadequately. In this presentation, we will have an overview of creating and using checklists in conjunction with your trading plan to make your trading as effective as possible.

    We will touch base on these types of checklists which are essential to effective traders:
    Between Market Close and Next Open
    Intraday - General
    Intraday - Strategy Specific
    Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

    Let me know,

  2. Just bumping up, we hope to send out the login instructions and passwords later today. PM or email at:

    I really think that Cash Coyne's presentation will be particulary useful to many of you in your first few years of your trading experience.