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  1. I wonder if anyone knows of good free YM, ES, NQ trading room.

    I am aware of Puretick, TTM but wonder what other options are available out there.

  2. Get a IRC chat program and then log onto the Othernet or Financial chat servers.

    Those are the servers where dozens and dozens of free trading chat rooms.

    Lots of rooms devoted to the Emini Futures.

    Next...on either server in your status window..type the following command line...


    A window will pop up and list all the public free chat rooms.

    You can then visit them all to determine what's good via your own personal preferences.

    P.S. I see similar like question each week here at ET for the past 2 months by different ET members.

    Why have chat rooms suddenly become popular. :confused:

  3. Mark - how to get IRC chat program?
  4. there are tons of free ones.

    think about it, the business costs nearly nothing to get into, if the group leader is really making money day trading, but likes to teach, he would do it for free.

    charging is totally bogus.

    good luck,


    ps. seriously--just take a look at this--- watch video, complete with pictures of the members.

  5. if someone teaches anything as a career or as a businees service ....they are entitled to be compensated.NEWS flash!! if something has value .... it costs . do you work for free marketsurfer??? i doubt it . you are just another piker/ loser who wants to be a success without paying for an education. doctors pay to go to medical school ....plumbers pay to attend trade school . why should someone teaching how to be a successful trader not be compensated???
  6. There are many programs but the following are very popular...

    You can use Google search engine to find other IRC chat programs.

    Also, do not use any IRC program to do file exchanges.

    Thus, if another trader wants to send you a file for whatever reasons...

    Give him/her your email address and tell him/her to email it to you.

    Therefore, assuming you have a decent virus scanner that automatically scans incoming emails...

    You will prevent potential virus problems in comparison to accepting the same file through a chat program.
  7. True, but Kingfish has a lousy reputation. Scores of students who claim the teaching doesn't work and the guy has been threatened with lawsuits. He may talk the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk--in other words he does not trade. Perhaps I overlooked it, but I can't seem to find a daily recap of his trades.
  8. I heard that Anek now has a trading room but not able to find where or how to join.


  9. you have a point, however, i disagree in this business.

    if the chat room host is indeed a master trader with real capital and shares his audited statements, then perhaps it would be worthwhile--- but WAIT--if he is actually trading along with his calls--- why wouldn't this be compensation enough?? there are 2 potential reasons, that i can see--first, perhaps he isn't capitalized enough to make a living trading--if, this is the case--why not, if his trading acumen is superior, capital shoudn't be an issue. Second, he isn't really trading real money and is on a simulator-- one of these guys was outed here on elite trader last year. trading on a simulator is totally different than real trading--- this needs to told upfront to the PAYING subscribers or it's a fraud

    EVERY world class trader i know does not charge to help a humble, noob trader--their money comes from the market and they simply like to share their knowledge to others at times.
    take a look at all the FREE chat rooms. compensation comes from the market, not from selling subscriptions to dubious untested services built on hype and dreams.

    listen to Mark aka Nihabi Ashi's suggestions on the free rooms and use your money to trade not to enrich others.

    best regards,

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