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  1. I do not actively trade anymore but I invest (actively) my wife's 401K and mine. I am also into gambling and risk management as I have a strong background in that.
    I am not a great trader nor am I a great teacher I would however offer a pro bono service to any newbie on this forum. I will ask nothing in return except maybe that you do the same when you hit it big and become seasoned and successful.
    I will not tell you what method, market or venue to follow but I can answer questions, offer support in terms of psychology of trading and risk management.
    That is the line I draw, I will never offer specific advice on anything because I am not a broker and it is a free service.

    My background:
    I have traded on the floor of the CBOT (I had the options badge and IMAX (Dow index).
    later I moved to NYC and traded with ETG (Robert Kanter personally cajoled me into joining his company at the infancy of his business).
    I am now semi retired from the active trading and pursue other activities.
    I have written 3 books on the markets and now I have a small publishing business.
  2. what's the 'free' offer? what are the specifics?
  3. to help newbies. I can answer any question (prefer smart questions) :)
    I have helped a friend of mine, and he is very successful now. But it takes a certain mind set. I do not preach I only answer questions.
  4. what's your trading style? swing? scalping? time frame??
  5. I did swing trading, scalping. Like I said - my expertise are in the arena of psychology and risk management. I do not care how you get in a jam, nor do I care why. I can maybe help to get out, pinpoint weaknesses, false thinking once I know the person. I would only work on the phone or by email.
  6. What books have you written?
  7. Not trying to bash just trying to get a feel for what you are trying to do. You are not a great trader or teacher, but you wrote 3 books on the markets, and your concentration is on psychology of trading and risk management? What could someone who is not a great trader or teacher offer about the two main things that make a great trader? Hopefully, you are just being modest...looking at your track record it seems to be the case. Will you be answering questions about trading in the forum or just by phone or e-mail? Thanks.
  8. I remember when I have started out in this business a while ago. Nobody helped me as a newbie. NOBODY.
    This remained with me for a while. This is the reason I have posted this. I got nothing to gain from this short of some good Karma.
    I guess it is because it is hard to help someone unless he/she wants to be helped. People are too self absorbed to lend a helping hand. I consider that if you are a newbie or even just struggling I can offer some insight why that is and what you can do to mitigate.
    It is silly to look at my qualifications when the other party might be without income, job and want to squeeze money off the markets. I only take on a person if I want to, I might be selective depending on the volume of responses/quality of questions I will be getting.

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