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  1. Is there a website or service that gives free NYSE only OHLC data? The NYSE website doesnt have it. In esignal it would be IBM=N
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    you mean list of all nyse stocks with OHLC next to it?

    you can build it in yahoo,but you have to provide and maitain list of stocks
  4. Just the OHLC that traded on the New York Exchange. I would like to filter out the prints from Nasdaq, Arca etc...

    For example. IBM has an open of 117.40, however; the real NYSE open was 117.73

    RTN it has the low as 45.87 but that was just a 100 lot that printed on NASDAQ the real NYSE low as of this typing was 46.19
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    imo-impossible.specially for free.
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  7. If you have esignal its IBM=N will get NYSE only data.

    There used to be, or still is, a free website that offered this, but I cant remember.
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    From my experience, it's always been a bit hard to find good sources for regional data as most services just provide composite quotes. If you're not a current eSignal user, you might want to look at our eSignal OnDemand service at just $24.95/mo. Not only can you get regional quotes, you can get history as well.

    Hope that helps.
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